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Anything Against Love Is Not Christianity

Greetings to you child of God!
Let us share to remind us!

-Anything against love is not Christianity,

Sincere Christians has the power to control posses body to repentances rather than taking the mistakes of men to practice evil for evil .
Let us see how Jesus made Paul become

Christian principles:

  • You must be able to forgive,
    You have the right to be angry but sunset
    should not meet same black spot in your heart,

Prayers of vengers is of God not man not all prayers God answer the devil has the power to make us his device for evil destruction making us to believe God is in approved of all.

You must be able to forgive at all times not to troubled your priceless soul,

Christianity lives under divine grace of God not the former law of man that is selfish.

Please remember to stay away from evil prayers and learn to treat everyone like yourself don’t discriminate.
Remember God always work with the rejected ones.

Written By: Ngongang Yanick Nzepang.

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