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Honestly some people do not know the meaning of dating. 

Dating is not a sexual relationship in which a guy and a lady have premarital sex with each other. NO. That’s not the meaning of dating.

 Dating is the friendly relationship between a mature lady and a mature guy who love each other with the intention of getting married to each other. The aim of dating is NOT SEX. The

aim of dating is to verify the compatibility

between you and your partner. That is the

reason why it is not all relationships that must lead to marriage. When the two partners discover that they are not compatible with each other, they break up. When they discover that they are compatible, they get married. That’s the aim of dating. Dating is not a sin; but lack of self control that leads to sex is a sin. Please do not date someone because of sex. Sex is not the reason for dating.


16 years to 20years girl dating a boy of 20years

to 25years which they’re not ready for marriage

doesn’t always work out.

  1.  No guy is worth your tears. Do not shed tears because your boyfriend jilted you. He does not deserve it. The man that truly loves you will not make you cry. So why should you cry over someone who does not love you?
  2. Do not beg anyone to love you. You cannot make someone love you by begging. Do things that will make the person love you. Be loving and caring and be nice. The person will love you. Not by begging.
  3. Do not fight a lady for dating your guy. If the guy truly loves you, he wouldn’t have left you for another lady. Simply walk away from his life.
  4. If your partner is no longer interested in the relationship, allow him/her to go. Do not beg him/her to stay. A person that truly loves you will never wish to leave you.
  5. Do not allow anyone to decide for you who you should date. Follow your heart.
  6. Sex in Boyfriend and girlfriend dating is totally sin and it destroy future and destiny.
  7. Having sex in relationship dating only lead to regrets and HAD I KNOW you better advice yourself and obey Almighty God .
  8. Please what shall it profit you for wasting your time,money , material things, your waist or body and later get dump in future . If you’re not ready for marriage don’t date anyone, be single and have your peace .
  9. Remember no sex before marriage , once you disobey this God words, you’ll surely pay for it, many things happening to SINGLES & MARRIED this days as result of disobeying God, God will forgive you for sinning but you’ll surely pay for it. No sin go unpunish.
  10.  I’m not surprise when people read reality and truthful updates and still continue their bad ways of life, many will still read this update and still go on having sex and get dump and still calling me or others for counseling because HAD I KNOW is the persons portion. 

Those who want the best should be wise and obey God that’s simple.

Dating bring harms to youths this days, girls are

getting pregnant and aborting it, killing innocent children, ending up looking for a child when married.

This generation need to change their mentality

and start obeying God.

Many will cry after reading this update.

Do you support my points .

Do you agree with my points.

Drop your comment

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