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Updates on George Floyd murder

đź”´Updates on George Floyd murder:

Prosecutors warn there is evidence that does not support criminal charge, as they say police can use a certain amount of force but not excessive. Mike Freeman, county attorney for Hennepin county, condemned the act as horrific and terrible but says ‘there was other evidence that does not support criminal charge’. They must now decide if the cops used force deemed “excessive” or not. Freeman warns investigation can’t be rushed.

Meantime, the tragedy has left a trail of destruction as protests have continued for three days. Shops and business centres are torched and broken down and looters are taking advantage. The protests are now going beyond Minneapolis and spreading to other parts of America–notably Denver, Kentucky, Ohio and Los Angeles.

Trump has labelled protesters “thugs”, called Minneapolis mayor “weak” , and pledged to ‘send in the national guard and get the job done right’. Minneapolis has declared a state of emergency.

In less than 24 hours, over 1 million dollars has been raised for George Floyd’s family.

It has been revealed cop who knelt on George Floyd’s neck , Derek Chauvin, almost killed another Black man 12 years ago. He was called to arrest the man for domestic violence and he beat him up brutally and shot him twice at close range.

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